Complete Vending Service
Treat Australia provides and exceptional choice of products. World wide research suggests that consumers tastes are shifting from products found in a traditional drink machine to more new age drinks and products including Ice Tea’s, Flavoured Milks, Healthy Snack Items and even food items such as a fresh sandwich or a meat pie and sauce.

This is where we can add significant value over other companies in the marketplace. Our range is not limited to that of a food or beverage manufacturer, we have the flexibility to provide a range of products that meets consumer demand.
Our variety of cold drink offerings is nearly endless. Our cold drink options include all major brands such as Coca Cola, Schweppes, Golden Circle and other high quality drink options not commonly found in traditional drink machines such as Red Bull, Ice Tea’s, Flavoured Milks and Bundaberg Ginger Beer just to name a few. Treat Australia provides a top of the range drink machine that will surely satisfy and impress everyone at your location.
With our snack options, your employees will always find something to munch on. Our ultimate snack options goes well beyond traditional snack choices with more than 100 choices in our inventory. In our commitment to healthier eating and better choices we include a comprehensive range of healthier snacks including nuts, muesli and gluten free based products.
Treat Australia is committed to providing the best overall snack program for our clients. We will regularly rotate our snack food choices to ensure your employees always have something new. In addition, our management team analyzes inventory and sales reports to maximize overall product selections to ensure employee satisfaction.
Treat Australia operates and manages superior frozen food and ice cream machines throughout South East Qld. Many high profile clients across Brisbane and the Gold Coast are enjoying the convenience and the alternative of having a pie or perhaps an ice cream out of their vending machine if or when they feel like it.
Treat Australia operates Fast Corp Robotic Merchandisers amongst many of their advanced features is the health sensor. If the temperature rises to an unsafe serving level, the health sensor will automatically shut down the machine. This protects the consumer from purchasing a refrozen product.
For further information about this service and to discuss the possibility of having a machine at your location please contact us.
Unique to the Australian Vending Industry is Treat Australia’s high end fresh food vending service. Run by our catering division and overseen by fine dining chefs, quality, freshness and nutritious meal options are guaranteed.
This service can be utilized in the right location by a vending machine or pre organized for special events by way of a platter service.
Please note not all sites will qualify for this service. As a guide we generally need 300 + staff to warrant starting this service.
Our Lavazza coffee machines are open for business 24 hours a day to provide your location with Café quality coffee, hot chocolate, chai late and hot beverages.
It’s the taste of Italy at a press of a button without the hassle of making it or cleaning it up.
Feel free to call with any questions you might have about our Lavazza Coffee machines and learn more about why the Lavazza Blue Pods are so successful and popular right through the world.