Technology is advancing everyday, just because your vending machine hasn’t been upgraded doesn’t mean the industry has been idle. Treat Australia is embracing many of the amazing developments in vending machine technology.

Glass Front Vending

Where possible Treat Australia will choose to utilise the latest glass front vending machines. Besides the more modern look and feel, glass front vending machines have some other clear advantages. One is that the increased sophistication of the delivery systems means a larger variety of packaging types can be accommodated in a single machine. With drinks, for example, this means a choice between cans, bottles, and Tetra Packs. Another is that the consumer can see the product selection. Clear product visuals increase purchasing frequency and encourage consumer trust. Not only does seeing the choices tempt buyers, it also reassures them that they will get what they are paying for.


Consumers really feel frustrated when they are looking forward to a vended product and it doesn't happen. Not only that, but the machine has "eaten" their money.

The exclusive "SureVend" technology, found on all of Treat Australia's Vending Machines, puts an end to these frustrating situations. Based on infra-red optical sensors, SureVend keeps an eye on product vending. Here's how it works: inside the product delivery bin is a special laser. This laser detects the product drop. If there has been no drop, the vending machine coils are activated to try twice more. Should there still be a problem, customers have the choice of choosing a different product or receiving their money back. Once the situation has been resolved, the vending machine coils are placed in the "home" position so that presentation is optimum.

SureVend means that consumers are never left hanging without either a vended product or their money.

Remote Monitoring

A relatively new technology to the Australian Vending Industry, remote monitoring means Treat Australia can see in real time what's happening to its vending machines, with regard to both sales and technical problems.

Before remote monitoring, service personnel arrived at pre-designated times to re-stock vending machines. Since it was not known which items needed to be restocked and in which quantities, it was a matter of luck whether or not the products needed were on the service truck. Remote monitoring means that restocking calls are exactly suited to a machine's needs. When stocks are falling low, SMS messages let Treat Australia know. This allows us to pre-kit or pre-pack the service truck with the exact items needed. Thus, both the time it takes to restock and the number of out of stock items are much reduced.

Prior to remote monitoring, there was often a significant lag between technical problems and the arrival of a service technician. With remote monitoring, technical problems are no secret. Again, SMS messages let us know. In most cases, we can have a service technician on-site within 2 hours.

Another welcome advantage of remote monitoring are the sales reports it generates. These reports can help you decide which products to introduce or remove.

Cashless Vending

Just like so many other areas, the vending industry is keeping in step with today's cashless society. Treat Australia is proud to use Cantaloupe System's Intel-based cashless technology. The Cantaloupe system offers customers a variety of payment options. In addition to the usual credit card, it is possible to allow smart card holders the option to purchase products on a tab stored on their smart card, that can be deducted from future pay-cheques or consolidated into a monthly invoice. Consumers can feel secure in opting for a cashless payment as the Cantaloupe technology has the highest PCI compliance – level 1. This Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard creates the most secure online environment for the processing, storage, and transmission of personal credit data.