Our Commitment

Our philosophy centres on integrity, flexibility and excellence. We believe in a partnership approach to business, always considering our clients' best interests when making business decisions. It's our goal to make vending worry-free for our clients, while maintaining a fair and reasonable profit.

From the first vending machine that Chad Walkington started servicing in 2007, to the hundreds Treat Australia now owns and operates, our values and principles have never wavered and will continue to influence our growth.

Professional Operation

Putting a few vending machines on a company's or organisation’s site doesn't make you a top-notch, high quality vending business. Running an excellent and complete vending business is an intricate, moment-by-moment operation.

Professional Attitude
We take great pride in our work. We strive to treat our customers with great respect and listen with truly open ears. We are committed to building long-term relationships.

Treat Australia believes that we should always make a good “first impression”. That's why we pay close attention to our behaviour and appearance, including the wearing of clean uniforms. Part of our dedication includes hiring those personnel who possess a genuine motivation and passion for the vending industry. We especially look for quality control managers and service technicians who are interested in giving more than “the usual”.

Our company adheres to strict cleanliness schedules. We understand how important hygiene is in general but especially with regard to food and drink. We consistently keep all our premises and equipment at the highest cleanliness standards.


Healthy Initiatives

Treat Australia strongly believes in promoting good health. We know that obesity and diabetes levels are at an all-time worldwide high. At least 140 Australians die prematurely every day from obesity and metabolic syndrome related diseases. We also know that people are beginning to take action to reduce this worrying trend. According to the well-known Nielsen survey group, roughly half of consumers on a global basis are trying to slim down. Nielsen reports that 1 out of 7 are doing this by reducing their fat intake.

While on the job, it is often quicker and easier to find high calorie foods than it is to purchase an affordable and convenient nutritious meal. TreatAustralia is dedicated to doing its part by providing healthy food with the same convenience as high calorie treats. Thus, we strive to stock our machines with food and drink items according to the guidelines in both the Nutrition Australia Healthy Living Pyramid and the Queensland (QLD) Smart Choices Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy.

Treat Australia, in conjunction with Source Catering, have implemented a fresh food vending service that provides delicious gourmet meals at affordable prices in the workplace vending machines. Additionally we stock a range of health food bars, muesli, and other low fat/sugar alternatives to conventional vending machine snacks.

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